The Ordinary General Meeting of MANU held on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at Punaauia City Hall. With a quorum reached at first blow – thanks to the members who came and to those who took the time to send their powers.
It was studious but in the same time very pleasant, thanks to the superb presentation of Thomas Ghestemme. A big thank you to our accountant who was present again this year to bring all the useful details to the financial statement.

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The statutory obligations were fulfilled in 2018 by the continuation of our actions

• propose, organize, implement or participate in field actions to improve the conservation status of endangered bird species
• make the population and the decision-makers aware to the natural and cultural value of the birds of Polynesia and the threats that weigh on them and their habitats

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The life of MANU

The SOP reached a total of 190 members in 2018 (compared to 198 in 2017 and 180 in 2016), which is composed as follows: 149 members, 19 members for life, 2 companies, 14 students and 6 students.
Volunteers support the actions of MANU through 4 networks:
– the network of « Gardeners » – 10 campaigns to improve Monarch’s habitat were conducted by volunteers (215 days / man) fighting against the Miconia, the Tulip tree and other invasive species and planting 571 native trees
– the network of « Trappers » – 31 residents of Punaauia and Paea mobilized in the fight against harmful birds for Monarchs (Mynahs and Bulbuls)
– the network of « Lifeguards » – About 30 rescuers of Petrels and / or families of seabirds in distress
– the network of « Anti PFF » – These are 73 outbreaks of Punaauia contaminated by the Little Fire Ant (PFF) who also collaborated with the SOP during 2018

In 2018, the SOP took part to several public events

– 23/01/2018 – Animation on sea birds at the Museum of Tahiti and Islands with the Air Force and the association « The Tamari’i of Heaven »
– 30/05/2018 – Development of a pact or « Papature ‘avei’a » on the management of several invasive species
– 19/06/2018 – Workshop on « Land Mechanisms for Conservation and Resilience to Climate Change »
– 27/06/2018 – Awareness-raising workshop for mayors on light pollution
– 21/07/2018 – Holding of a « Manu » stand on the Va’a World Championship

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Communication got through local media and various other channels

– Te Manu Bulletin (1 parution in 2018)
Annual Newsletter Te Manu iti
– Website
– A special section « Our partners » is dedicated to institutional or private partners supporting bird conservation programs
Page Facebook (MANU-SOP)
Press (La Dépêche, Tahiti-Infos), television (TNTV, Polynesia 1st) and radio (Radio 1)
Air Tahiti Magazine who presents a bird-related topic in each quarterly issue
Te Rau Mata Arai, the newsletter of the Network against Invasive Species
– At national level : Oiseau Magazine de la LPO, newsletters UICN France as well as other animal magazines
– At european level : BEST Newsletter
– At international level: BirdLife International, Pacific Invasives Initiative, Island Conservation

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Conservation and study programs

Manu’s actions continued in 2018 with several programs led by our team.

The safeguarding of the Tahiti Monarch (‘Ōmāma’o – Pomarea nigra)
The safeguarding of the Fatu Hiva Monarch (‘Oma’o ke’e ke’e – Pomarea whitneyi)
The preservation of the Tuamotu Kingfisher (koteuteu – Todiramphus gertrudae)
The Marquesas Kingfisher (Pahi – Todiramphus godeffroyi)
The Gambier Birdwatching Restoration Program
Biosecurity programs in Rimatara and Ua Huka
The Ua Huka bird census
Restoration and protection of Rapa
Census of Koko Rapa
The project of the restoration of the uninhabited islands and islets of the Marquesas
Atoll protection of the Acteon group
The census of the Tahiti Reed-warbler
The census of the Striated Heron of Tahiti
Study of the PFF
Support for the sustainable management of Kaveka egg harvesting
Rescue of Petrels and other seabirds
Tahitian sandalwood production for the benefit of the valley owners
Other services (in Tetiaroa – Bora Bora – Raivavae)

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Moral and financial reports 2018 will be available in an upcoming Te Manu Bulletin. Thank you for your patience !

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Photo Album of Annual SOP Meeting