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Polynesian Ornithological Society.

The Polynesian Ornithological Society, a.k.a. « Manu » (meaning “bird” in Tahitian language), is working for the protection of wild birds of Tahiti and her Islands as well as for the preservation of their habitats. A group of enthusiastic amateurs of French Polynesian birds founded this non-governmental and non-profit association in July 1990.


Seabird in distress? What can I do ?

Avoid handling unnecessarily for not stressing or damaging its feathers;
Place it in a quiet cardboard, protected from predators, heat and light;
Do not feed it;
Call as soon as possible the association Manu (+689)87 222 799 or (+689)40 521 100 or contact-us by email or Facebook. We will try to organize its recovery. If no one answers, leave your name and telephone number on our answering machine and we will contact you ASAP. THANK YOU FOR HIM!

We would like to thank all the generous photographers for the gorgeous photographs you can admire in this website. We would also like to draw your attention not to copy, distribute, use or modify theses pictures without SOP Manu and authors permission. All texts are property of SOP Manu except when credited to somebody else. They can not be used without express approval of the authors. You can not use full or partial copies without the prior authorisation of SOP Manu and the authors. Thank you!