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Acting for birds

Various ways for acting in favour of Polynesian Birds. Support the Ornithology Society of Polynesia!

Join the association

Being a member, you morally and financially support our actions aiming at a better understanding and protection of the birds and their habitats.

It entitles you to:

  • receive our quarterly « Te Manu » bulletin, keeping you updated about ornithological news in French Polynesia
  • obtain fine-level informations on birds and learn how to identify, care for and protect them
  • participate in our local events, fieldtrips and missions to diverse French Polynesian islands
  • access our well-stocked library full of documents and books on Nature, Environment, Birds…
  • meet other birds enthusiasts and wildlife admirers
  • make special requests that we will try to address

Membership procedure :

Download, print, fill in and then send the membership form to the Association’s mailing address. For foreigner, subscription by bank transfer (bank details on the membership form).

You can also become a member online on our website.

French Polynesia has more endangered species than any other overseas territory, and counts 9 critically endangered bird species.

Let’s not repeat what happened to the Dodo, because of ignorance, two centuries ago in Mauritius!

In order to pursue our conservation efforts, we need help from private and public companies, governments, local municipalities, politicians and, of course, individuals concerned with this environmental issue.

The future of Polynesian Birds is at stake at this very moment, so now would be a great time to help protecting them !

Download the 2017 Call for funds

Volunteer for the Association

If you like, you can get more involved in our activities:

  • becoming a Rescue Volunteer, helping the Marine Birds Rescue Team, or providing care and shelter for convalescent birds
  • becoming a Birdwatcher to enrich the Birds Observation Data base
  • volunteering to take part in fieldwork, local events and awareness-raising actions
  • developing new initiatives, all valuable proposals are welcome.

Mauruuru !

Sponsor a Bird

You can sponsor any banded bird, providing a pecuniary support that will help financing its protection.

In return, you will receive regular updates on its health, life events, behaviour, mating status, etc. You can also come on a fieldtrip to observe it by yourself in its natural environment.

Download the Sponsorship form

You can also sponsor a bird online on our website.

Corporate Philanthropy

The Polynesian Ornithological Society is recognised as being of general interest by the Government of French Polynesia in the decree n°1023/CM dated July 21st, 1999.

As such, it allows companies offering us financial assistance to benefit from tax incentives as provided for by Article 113-4 of the French Polynesian Tax Regulation.

The Association appeals for corporate funding, preferably through sustainable partnerships.

Investing in the future with us, in a context of sustainable development, can bring clear added value to companies, especially in terms of public image.

We will be pleased to arrange a meeting and answer your questions at your convenience.


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