Vote for your favourite Australian Bird of 2019 from a list of 50 birds!

At the end of the first round the ten birds with the most votes will automatically make it to to the final round of voting. The first round is open until 8 November 2019.

The Guardian and BirdLife Australia have spent weeks refining the list of 50 birds.

It includes common species such as the galah and rainbow lorikeet, as well birds that have a tougher plight, such as the western ground parrot, the eastern curlew, the black-throated finch and the Carnaby’s black cockatoo, all of which are listed as threatened under Australian environment laws.

The poll will be conducted in two stages. Voting commences today with the group of 50 birds.

On 8 November, a top 10 will be announced and a second round of voting will begin to select the winner.

Australia’s No 1 bird will be revealed on 15 November.