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  • Five vital projects that will continue in 2020, even if it’s from our living rooms…
  • Fantastic news for shorebirds: one of Asia’s most important wetland reserves quadruples in size thaks to the advocacy of our Myanmar Parnter
  • Feast your eyes on the stunning art of the Audubon Mural Project, an inner-city initaitve raising awareness of birds threatened by climate change
  • From the ashes: five bird species affected by Australia’s bushfires, and what we’re doing to thelp them

The magazine summary:


One Big Leap for the Marquesas with SOP Manu

n november 2019, a BirdLife-led team camped out on one of the world’s remotest islands to learn more about the Endangered birds we urgently need to save. Here’s what they discovered.

From Liv Grant

The nine-person expedition team comprised experts from BirdLife, SOP Manu (BirdLife in French Polynesia), Auckland Zoo, Island Conservation and local Marquesans.

The removal of introduced species is the only solution to restoring the ecological balance and ecosystem resilience in these remote islands, and preserve their cultural importance.
Together with the local community, BirdLife has identified seven islands (including Mohotani) as the focus for our ambitious multi-island restoration operation that will secure over 2,000 hectares of predatorfree habitat, providing safe heavens for five globally-threatened birds and protecting a range of endemic plants from extinction.
As preparations advance, we continue to raise the vital funds necessary to save these irreplaceable species.

Au fur et à mesure que les préparatifs avancent, nous continuons à réunir les fonds essentiels nécessaires pour sauver ces espèces irremplaçables.

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