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Guardians of Ua Huka: a Wild Cherry Media film

Guardians of Ua Huka: a Wild Cherry Media film

Gardians of Ua Huka, a short film passion project about the remote island of Ua Huka which is part of the Marquesas islands in French Polynesia.

The mission

Home to two critically endangered birds, the Ultramarine Lorikeet and Iphis Monarch, as well as its wealth of cultural heritage, this island relies on guardians to protect and maintain it.

Tuhuna is a guardian, working with the community to preserve all aspects of island life and conserve it for the next generation.

The origin

The project was part of an expedition run by Liv Grant and Annika Schlemm, at the time Oxford University students who were researching the bird species on the island.

Working with the likes of BirdLife International and SOP Manu, the project wanted to create a short film about this incredible island for linked NGOs to help promote their conservation campaigns.

Guardians of Ua Huka from Wild Cherry Media on Vimeo.

French Version : Les Gardiens de Ua Huka

Starring Tuhuna Sulprice

Filmed, directed and edited by Ben Cherry
Producers: Ben Cherry and Liv Grant
Drone Operator: Annika Schlemm.


There are so many people to thank for making this project become a reality!
Huge thanks go out to: Tuhuna Sulpice – Leila Liberge – Ken Taaviri – Jean Baptiste Tepea – Caroline Blanvillain – Amber Eames – Verity White – Emily Donaldson – Clément Palisson – École primaire de Vaipae’e – Toute la communauté de Ua Huka – L’université d’Oxford – Christchurch College – Société d’exploration scientifique – BirdLife International – SOP Manu – Association Vaiku’a – Zoo Berlin – Zoo Heidelberg – ZGAP – MEILLEUR programme volontaire – G-Technology – TEX: Énergie
Leatherman – Audio Uproar

Technical Information
Due to travel restrictions the project was filmed with very minimal equipment. The majority of the film was filmed with a Panasonic GH5s to an Atomos Shogun Inferno. The grade was done with Filmconvert to a REC709 output with the sound design by Audio Uproar.