The University of La Réunion is welcoming the next international Island Biology conference. After Hawaii and the Azores, the third Island Biology conference will be held in July 2019 (8 – 13) on La Réunion.

The meeting will gather scientists from all over the World and field experts working together on islands. Particular emphasis will be on ecology, evolution, conservation and biogeography of terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

Key conference themes

  • Terrestrial and marine biodiversity
  • Large vs small islands
  • Global Change
  • Rewilding
  • Novel Ecosystems
  • Long term biodiversity monitoring
  • Species interactions and networks
  • Epidemiology and emergent diseases
  • Paleobiology and biogeography
  • Ecology and society
  • Interdisciplinary sudies (Humanities, Earth sciences, …)


Chemistry and biodiversity, atmosphere-biosphere interaction, biosecurity in human, animal and plant health, island formation and erosion.