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IUCN World Conservation Congress 2020

IUCN World Conservation Congress 2020

The IUCN World Conservation Congress is held every four years. It brings together leaders and decision-makers from all backgrounds. Its purpose is to preserve the environment. To do this, it seeks solutions to meet the current challenges of our planet.

France will host the event in 2020, from June 11 to 19 at Parc Chanot in Marseille.


Congress seeks to improve the way we manage our natural environment to promote human, social and economic development. But conservationists know they won’t do it alone. The IUCN Congress is an opportunity to put differences aside and work together.

Goal: the achievement of good environmental governance, by encouraging all sectors of society to share the responsibilities and benefits of conservation.

The previous Congress

The last Congress was held from September 1-10, 2016 at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center in Honolulu, the Hawaiian capital. He was hosted by the state of Hawaiʻi, in coordination with the United States Department of State.

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An overview of the major impacts of IUCN resolutions on nature conservation is available here.

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A Congress in two parts

The Forum is a center for public debate, which brings together people from all backgrounds to debate the most pressing issues in the field of conservation and sustainability.

The Member’s Assembly is the highest decision-making board of IUCN. It is an environmental Parliament unique in the world! It brings together governments and NGOs to take decisions on conservation and sustainability.


To know more: https://www.iucncongress2020.org/

Themes: https://www.iucncongress2020.org/programme/congress-themes