SOP Manu is very proud to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its official founding:  it was on August 9th, 1990.


Our objectives remain unchanged since 1990:

  • to contribute to the studies on Polynesian birds in their natural environment
  • to protect Polynesian birds and their habitats
  • to promote public awareness and to circulate information concerning the conservation, the monitoring and the study of Polynesian birds.


What a long way it has come since the founding of the association by a group of enthusiastic amateurs of French Polynesian birds!

So much programmes performed, year after year, in all French Polynesia Archipelagoes!

So many actions in the field, sometimes in very difficult conditions, to saving polynesian nature and its fragile and unique endemic species!


The Board of directors from SOP Manu would like to warmly thank all local and international institutions for their precious financial help and logistic support.

Thank you to our extremely dedicated team  (Thomas, Caroline, Laurent, Arthur), Jean-François, Fred, Josquin and all trainees or collaborators who worked, one day or another, at the Fare Manu in Taravao) – Hats off to them!

Special thanks to:

– our talented photographers and reporters,

– the many dynamic and determined volunteers – see them on FaceBook – they are working tirelessly for the success of the actions,

– the very helpful host families in the islands,

– the Association Hearts and Minds- i.e our members,

– all the previous Boards of directors who mapped the path that we are still yet following.


Are you friends from Tahiti, from France or from foreign countries?

MĀURUURU to all of you and Happy 25th anniversary!