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The Birds of Tahiti

Photo Jean-Paul Mutz

Many travelers, passionate about birds, come to Tahiti and ask to see the Tahiti Monarch or ‘ōmāma’o. This species is only present in three private valleys in the west of the island. Populations of this Endemic Flycatcher (Pomarea nigra) threatened with extinction are scrupulously monitored and managed by SOP biologists and volunteers…and the numbers go back year after year.

To see and hear these curious birds singing melodious flute, contact the association:
Tél : (+689) 40 52 11 00 – E-mail : sop@manu.pf
On our website : Contact us

We will tell you if it is possible to go to observe these birds with an authorized member of the SOP or a biologist of the association, according to the activities of reproduction and the calendar of the actions of conservation.

Access to the valleys is private. You can not enter without permission from the landowners or City Halls authorities and without being accompanied.


Your donations or sponsorships will finance the Tahiti Monarch conservation program as well as sustainable development actions carried out in close collaboration with the landowners of the valleys.

Monarque de Tahiti - Photo Fred Jacq

Monarque de Tahiti  Photo Fred Jacq

Thank you for your support!


Jeune Monarque de Tahiti©Jean-Paul Mutz

Jeune Monarque de Tahiti©Jean-Paul Mutz

To know more:

Other endemic birds that you can meet during your visit with Manu:

Credit photos (from letf to right): Alain Petit – David Dortch – Alain Petit – Denise Koenig

Other birds commonly seen in Tahiti:

Seabirds: Brown NoddyCommon White TernWhite-tailed TropicbirdGreater Crested TernGreat FrigatebirdRed-footed BoobyBrown Booby

Coastal birds : Pacific Reef-egretWandering Tattler


Do not miss on the west coast of Tahiti:
Le marae Arahurahu de Paea
The grand marae Arahurahu de Paea is one of the most beautiful marae of Tahiti, thanks to the restoration work carried out by the Department of Culture and Heritage.
To understand the marae : http://www.culture-patrimoine.pf/spip.php?article502

Le Musée de Tahiti et des îles
The museum is located in Punaauia, 15 km west of the city of Papeete, by the sea. The museum park has been designed to complement in a lively way the exhibition dedicated to wildlife and flora in the natural environment room. The museum’s garden has been created to concentrate the endemic Polynesian plants, some of which are endangered or lost to oblivion.

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