I am delighted to share with you this annual report, which allows us to communicate on our current actions of our NGO Manu. Thank you to our members, volunteers, partners, sponsors as well as the French Polynesian Government. This year 2021 has been a difficult second year, and it took even more effort to organize and fund actions for the most endangered birds. The cancellation of certain fieldwork trips and the reduction of international contributions, in particular those of certain zoos, have been the main impacts of the pandemic. We are counting on you to carry out priority actions! I want to draw your attention on the critical situation of the Fatu Hiva Monarch, of which there are only 4 pairs left in the world. We also just found out this year that these birds have avian malaria. With Manu’s partner zoos, we believe that it is still possible to save the species, with an egg collection and captive breeding program, and we have just started out looking for funding, with the help of UNIVET Nature.

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Enjoy your reading and again, big thanks to all our sponsors.

Roberto Luta, SOP Manu president

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