Each year, many partners support financially and technically the programs and actions led by the Société d’Ornithologie de Polynésie (SOP) «Manu».

Institutional Partners

The Government of French Polynesia

Through its Environment Service, the government is one of POS Manu’s major partners since its creation. This department is in charge of the conservation and promotion of the french polynesian natural resources.

E-mail: direction@environnement.gov.pf
Tél : (689) 40 47 66 66
Fax : (689) 40 41 92 52

Haut-commissariat de la République en Polynésie française

Le Haut-commissariat de la République en Polynésie française a de nouveau soutenu la SOP Manu en octroyant une subvention de 2250 euros via le Fonds pour le Développement
de la Vie Associative (FDVA). L’action se porte essentiellement sur la formation aux bénévoles au sauvetage des oiseaux marins du Fenua dans le but est de redynamiser le
réseau des sauveteurs des oiseaux marins du Fenua.

European Commission

    • La European Commission currently is POS Manu’s largest provider of funds. It supported us through 2 projects :
    • The BEST project that was organised around two specific actions:
      1. lasting prevention of the introduction of Alien Invasive Species (AIS) into inhabited islands still free of Black Rats (Ua Huka and Rimatara) and of Great Horned-Owl (Tahuata);
      2. lasting control of the AIS populations that have already infested the islands of Tahiti and Fatu Hiva
    • The Vahanga/Gambier project which purpose was to eradicate AIS from the Vahanga and Tenarunga atolls (Acteon, South of Tuamotu), on 3 islets of Gambier archipelago and another atoll, Temoe, localised in the very south of Tuamotu. .

Office français de la biodiversité (OFB)

L’Office français de la biodiversité (OFB) est un établissement public dédié à la sauvegarde de la biodiversité.
Il est chargé de la protection et la restauration de la biodiversité dans l’Hexagone et en Outre-mer.

L’ OFB soutient depuis 2020 les actions les plus prioritaires de Manu visant à renforcer la
sauvegarde des 2 oiseaux endémique les plus menacés d’extinction de Polynésie française.

BirdLife international

Since 2009, the Polynesian Ornithological Society Manu is in full partnership with Birdlife international. This international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) aims at protecting the Nature, especially the birds. It federates 120 NGO representing many countries, thousands of amateur naturalists, professional ornithologists, ecologists, scientists and conservation managers. Liaising with local authorities, governments and international organisations, BirdLife int. yields scientific data and provides an expertise on birds conservation as well as on the protection, management and restoration of their habitats. Its « Preventing Extinction » program and network have been very helpful, even more so in 2014 through an emergency call that raised enough funds to finance all the Monarch-related actions.

In 2015, in collaboration with Island Conservation and Manu, Birdlife International carried on a hudge restoration project of 3 atolls and 3 islets of Acteon and Gambier in South French Polynesia.

Great thanks to this fellow organization.


Municipality of Paea

This municipality is of great help for the conservation of the Tahiti Monarch, notably through an inter-cultural exchange with the Takitumu Conservation Area.

Municipality of Punaauia

This municipality also helps a lot with the preservation of the Tahiti Monarch, especially with the control of introduced birds and Little Fire Ant.

Municipality of Fatu Hiva

This municipality is a major partner for the safeguarding actions of the Fatu Hiva Monarch, a species that is very threatened and in great danger.


David & Lucille Packard Foundation

The David & Lucille Packard Foundation supports the restoration programs in the Acteon islands and in the Gambier archipelago, through an eradication of predators.

Fondation Loro Parque

La Fondation Loro Parque nous aide désormais à sauver un des très rares Loris de la planète, le Lori ultramarin, classé “En danger critique d’extinction”, dont le dernier refuge est l’île de Ua Huka aux Marquises. Merci du fond du cœur !


La Thin Green Line Foundation est l’organisation de soutien aux Rangers du monde. En tant que branche caritative officielle de la Fédération internationale des Rangers, TTGLF a un accès sans précédent aux Rangers du monde entier. La Thin Green Line Foundation réussit à fournir un soutien indispensable aux Rangers, avec un large éventail de programmes efficaces dans le monde entier. Elle a soutenu en 2021 le programme de sauvegarde du Monarque de Fatu Hiva.


La fondation Disney est une structure philantropique qui soutient l’environnement et les projets pour aider les enfants ou les personnes défavorisées. Nous avons l’honneur de faire partie de cette communauté depuis 2021, dans le cadre des actions pour la préservation du Monarque de Fatu-Hiva dont il ne reste que 4 couples au monde.


La conservation des espèces d’arbres menacées est l’objectif central des projets que la Fondation Franklinia soutient. Nous avons adopté une approche par espèces sachant que la conservation des espèces permet la conservation des habitats et la protection des intérêts des populations qui en dépendent.

La fondation soutient Manu pendant 3 ans sur un projet de conservation de 4 espèces végétales en danger critique d’extinction, présentes dans l’aire de distribution du Monarque de Tahiti.

Regional Partners

Cooperative Islands Initiative

Within the Cooperative Islands Initiative network, the Pacific Invasive Initiative gathers a team of experts that provides SOP Manu with technical assistance for biosecurity, invasive species control and eradication measures. It also helps broadcasting our notable achievements via its newsletter.

Island Conservation

This international NGO specialises in the endangered species conservation: the reporting of its worldwide actions can be consulted on its website. It helps the SOP Manu especially regarding the Acteon and Gambier Islands Restoration Project, providing poison against pests, for free, thanks to its connections with the Bells Labs in the USA.

Pacific Development and Conservation Trust

Based in New Zealand, this organization gave MANU a grant in 2015 to safeguard the Fatu Hiva Monarch through community involvement. In this way, MANU was able to pursue an important part of its action in Fatu Hiva, which is the involvement of landowners in sustainable development activities (rare fruit plantations, sandalwood, apiculture training, construction of a walking trail). In 2017, a new grant allows us to extend the cat control area in the protected valleys of Fatu Hiva.

Department Of Conservation

Numerous specialists from this renowned institute provide field assistance and expertise to the SOP Manu programs in the fight against islands invasive species.

Animal Control Products

Sincerely thank you for the supply of the product intended to fight against the rats and thus to safeguard very threatened endemic species.


Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo is home to the largest diversity of endemic or exotic species in New Zealand and is a much appreciated partner of MANU for the preservation of the Fatu Hiva Monarch. Indeed, passion for the conservation of the environment and wildlife is at the heart of all their activities.


The Zoologische Gesellschaft für Arten-u. Populationsschutz eV ( ZGAP ) which means Zoological Society for the Conservation of Species and Populations </ em> helped us by co-financing the Fatu Hiva Monarch’s safeguarding program.

Zoo de Victoria en Australie

Sensitive to the precarious situation of the Fatu Hiva Monarch, the Zoos Victoria, supports our initiatives for sustainable development in 2014 and helps maintaining a local team in the field.


The French Association of Zoological Parks has biodiversity conservation programs and contributes in 2017 to safeguard the Tahiti Monarch.

Local Partners


The Tikiphone Company regroups phone, internet and satellite television services (Vini, Mana and TNS). Supporting the POS Manu for many years, it also responded promptly to our 2014 funding appeal for the Conservation of Tahiti Monarchs. Our thanks go to this local firm for its precious commitment. Partnership has been renewed once more for 2015! In 2015 too, an action of graffiti paintings was organised as part of ONO’U Festival and the collected sum (154 031 XPF) was donated in full to Manu association. We are grateful for the renewed support also in 2016 and again in 2017.


Dès 2014, Electricité de Tahiti is the first of the local businesses to have responded positively each year, since 2012, to the funding appeal for the conservation of Polynesian birds. They deserve our deep gratitude and thanks too.


As we do every year, we have received a significant support of The Office des Postes et Télécommunication de Polynésie française : thank you for the unique and rare birds of French Polynesia!


AIR TAHITI is a well-known local company that responds year after year to our funding request. Its aid is very valuable, especially for the Biosecurity program in Rimatara and Ua Huka and also the Monarch Conservation program in Fatu Hiva, as it allows our mission teams to travel at half price.
And in 2017, Niau is added to the destinations! Many thanks to this loyal partner!


This company is managed by a director who is very concerned about protection of the Polynesian nature in general and the birds in particular. It joined Manu partners in 2016 first by allowing artists Charles and Janine Williams to paint a marvelous young Tahiti Monarch on the hudge wall which adjoins their entrance. In 2017, Yune Tung also provides substantial financial support to the SOP. A great hat-trick from the entire Manu team!


Le syndicat Fenua Ma a décerné lors d’une cérémonie à la mairie de Pirae le mardi 11 septembre 2018 ses tortues du cœur à 31 associations dont la SOP, nominée par la commune de Punaauia pour son action en faveur de l’environnement et des habitants.


Since 2016, the Monarch of Fatu Hiva (or Fatu Iva rather in Marquesan) has a new protector Oceanie Pneus! Congratulations and thank you to all the management team of this dynamic company at the service of the population.

Chantier Naval du Pacifique Sud

Le Chantier Naval du Pacifique Sud has joined the « Dream Team » of Manu as our Anglo-Saxon partners call us. This is not surprising for this company concerned with the development of fenua </ em> but with respect for the environment.


This company decided to become actively involved in 2016 in support of the conservation program of the Monarch of Fatu Hiva. We thank them very warmly.


Thanks to this active and involved company, many volunteer camps have been held since 2014 to restore the valleys where the last Tahiti Monarchs fight to survive.


In 2016, Renault Sodiva named us beneficiaries of its operation Renault ZE (Zero Emission). Less exhaust in the air can only be favorable to the well-being of our feathered friends!


A big thank you to this company for its help appreciated in the program of safeguard of the Fatu Hiva Monarch in 2016.

Les Hôtels

Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort

Every year since 2012, the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort, belonging to the South Pacific Management Hotel chain, rely on its customers voluntary financial contribution to make donations. A big Thank you to the Hotel who heard our emergency calls for our seabirds rescue program! This help will be gladly renewed in 2015 and we warmly thank them for that.

Hôtels Intercontinental Resort & Spa

To preserve the local avifauna and to promote conservation actions for endangered birds of French Polynesia become part of the environmental commitments of Hôtel Intercontinental Tahiti Resort & Spa and of Hôtel Intercontinental Moorea Resort & Spa. Our gratitude goes to the Hotel managers for their support since 2015. Discount group prices may be proposed to foreign birdwatchers, so dear friends, don’t forget your binoculars!

Hôtel Sofitel Ia Ora Beach Resort

L’Hôtel Sofitel Moorea is proud to promote the richness of the local avifauna and to support the actions of conservation of the threatened birds from French Polynesia in general and from Moorea in particular. We are thankful of your renewed support in 2017.

Le Fare Suisse

Many thanks for the kind support in 2016 by this guesthouse, which was held by nature lovers!