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Tisserin à tête noire @ Robert Luta

Tisserin à tête noire @Robert Luta

Breeding males have black heads and yellow nape. The plumage of the back is plain and greenish-yellow in color. The belly is pale yellow dotted with brownish areas. The eyes are black and the beak is dark.

Tisserin à tête noire@Robert Luta

Tisserin à tête noire@Robert Luta

Tisserin à tête noire_site@Mikaël Tréguier

Tisserin à tête noire@Mikaël Tréguier

Females and non-breeders are duller and do not have black heads. The edges of the wings and the feathers of the tail are tinged with yellow.

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Order: Passeriformes

Family: Ploceidae

Category: Introduced Birds


Tahiti since 2003.


It is a species of African origin with a wide distribution from the Atlantic to the Great Lakes region. It has been introduced in Spain and Portugal. The species is more or less subservient to rivers and wetlands. In Portugal, this weaver has kept the same type of habitat.
Observed since 2003 next to the airport then to several other places on the coast of the municipality of Faaa (Tahiti). Begins to establish colonies towards the heights of the municipality.

Source : Te Manu 81

MàJ de Robert Luta – 21/01/2019: “The entire bay of Vairai Park (formerly Maeva Beach) is well colonized, mainly the Aito. South side, 4 Aitos beachside with about twenty nests but a few birds only. North side, towards the Bel Air on the seashore, there are two big Aitos with many nests too and many birds. It was flying around and singing, they are beautiful, real builders, worthy of great entrepreneurs! “

Not observed.

Makes nests in ball shape.

Tisserin à tête noire_nids@Robert Luta

Tisserin à tête noire_nids@Robert Luta

Original text by Caroline BLANVILLAIN – Supplements and update by various members of the SOP Manu.



Scientific Name: Ploceus melanocephalus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Polynesian Names:

  • Tahiti


    For more than a decade, a small population of weavers has been installed at Tahiti Fa’a’a airport (Deane 2003), their presence being regularly confirmed (Te Manu 2006, n° 55, 2011, n° 76), but a true colonization of Tahiti doesn’t seem to happen.

    The species is classified as « Least Concern » (LC) on the IUCN Red List.