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Rimatara in the Austral archipelago

Photo Denis Saulnier

Due to the fact that Rimatara island is still free of black rat, it is home to an ornithological treasure : the sole polynesian population of ‘ura a.k.a. Kuhl’s Lorikeet (Vini kuhlii), endemic to eastern Polynesia.
It also hosts the ‘oromao a.k.a. Rimatara Reed-warbler (Acrocephalus rimitarae), a species only found on this particular island.


Mooroa Tiraha (on the right in the picture) is responsible for monitoring the wharf and preventing the invasion of Rimatara by black rats.
He also represents the association as our eco-guide, showing visitors around this island of ornithological wonders.
He and his friend Etera Tematahotoa, will provide you with ornithological and cultural knowledge as well as powerfull binoculars to observe these rare birds while contributing to the preservation of ‘ura and ‘oromao.
Being able to make a living from this eco-tourism activity allows him to keep on preventing any pest infestation of Rimatara.

His contact number : (+689) 40 94 43 41 / (+689) 87 20 56 30.

Or Hiata Tematahotoa: (+689) 87 23 05 17

Thank you !


Nautical activities :

  • bathing and snorkelling
  • whale watching (generally from July to November)

Terrestrial activities :

  • touring Rimatara shoreline and inland by foot, bicycle or 4×4
  • visiting archaeological sites, and small caves !
  • excursion to the Oromana plateau
  • ascent of Mount Nahu
  • Walks on the beaches and shell-collection sites


Photo 1: Jean-Paul Mutz – Photo 2: Caroline Blanvillain – Photo 3: Jean-Paul Mutz – Photo 4: Denis Saulnier

Rousserolle de Rimatara - Photo Jean-Paul Mutz

Rimatara Reed-warbler – Photo Jean-Paul Mutz


“Ue Ue” Guest house – restaurant

Located in Amaru (98752 Rimatara), it is a place where it simply feels good to live. The owners are really warm and considerate. They can make arrangements for you, according to your wishes, to go birding and whale watching, to have a picnic at the beach with the seafood you’d have caught fishing, to learn the skill of weaving or to just relax surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

Telephone : 
(+689) 40 94 42 88 ou (+689) 87 74 66 13
Fax : (+689) 40 94 42 88
Email : ueue.rimatara@mail.pf
Website: http://www.pensionueue-rimatara.com/

“La Perruche Rouge” Guest house – restaurant

This high-range guest house offers a refined decor, with sophisticated food and very caring owners. They propose a number of excursions: whale and bird watching, hiking (caves and beaches), pandanus handicraft, visiting taro plantations, preparing and sharing the traditional sunday meal which is cooked in an underground oven.

Contacts :
Telephone : (+689) 87 30 58 23 ou (+689) 40 94 44 16
Mail :  laperrucherouge@mail.pf
website : www.laperrucherouge.com

You can also eat at the Motuura snack-bar, or at the pizzeria.