Within its possibilities, the association:

organises and takes part in various awareness-raising events such as the « Environmental Days » and conferences ;
communicates with local media (radio, television);
runs projects with schools;
coordinates field trips (bird-watching, audio recording, photoshooting…).

General public information

The SOP gives general-interest presentations on birds, and takes part in local events by hosting booths, exhibiting posters and photographs.
The association communicates with the local media by the mean of radio messages and interviews, as well as television reports and appearances.

School-based interventions

According to its different projects, the SOP carries out educational programmes in schools, introducing the kids to the species of birds found locally, the threats affecting them and the tools available for their protection.
Under the Monarchs conservation programmes (Tahiti and Fatu Hiva) and the biosecurity programmes (Rimatara, Ua Huka, Tahuata), our conferences and workshops are based on slideshows.
In the course of our Marine Birds protection programme, the slideshow presentation is supplemented by birdsongs audio recordings and a short film dealing with the specific issue of light pollution.

The presentations take place in the classroom and last for about an hour, during which the children’s reflection and involvment are triggered and encouraged.
The speech is adapted to kids’ level and previous knowledge on the matter.
Teachers are provided with educational material.

Field trips

The SOP also organizes field trips linked with its top priority programmes.
The aim is to learn the ropes of the ornithological work, using binoculars, guidebooks and notebooks. Students discover how to listen, observe and identify birds in their natural environment.