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Communication documents

You will find here the media used for communication and outreach activities such as posters, flyers, stickers … etc, free to download.

– Manu Flyers or Posters


– Rescue Petrels and Shearwaters Programme :

NEWS 2019
Flyer Oiseaux marins 2019 complet
Flyer Oiseaux marins 2019 recto
Flyer Oiseaux marins 2019 verso

– Safeguard Striated Heron Programme :


– Biosecurity Programme in Rimatara and Ua Huka :

Affiche “Pihiti and ‘Ura” 2016: Ten Posters models

Posters 2016 Ua Huka (Ultramarine Lorikeet – Pihiti)

Poster 2016 Rimatara (Kuhl’s Lorikeet – ‘Ura)

Flyers 2015 Biosecurity in Rimatara and Ua Huka

Biosecurity Panels in Rimatara and Ua Huka

– Biosecurity Programme in Tahuata :

– Protection Programme of Blue Lorikeet :

Posters 2016 (Lori peruviana – Vini)

Panel Protection Awareness Programme for Lori peruviana – Vini

Panel Blue Lorikeet in Rangiroa

– Protection Awareness Programme for Niau Kingfisher :

Awareness Panel BEST

– Protection Programme of Gambier islets :

Panel Rikitea