The Adventures of Tifo are there with a fourth installment!

While humans are organizing Christmas Eve, threats accumulate on the head of our brave Tifo. Christmas is not a feast for birds!

The last Tifo adventure before 2015, told by Caroline Blanvillain, Veterinary of SOP-Manu association

Bulky neighbours

Four new stray cats hang around the waste of Te Maru Ata where Tifo lives, and regularly visit histerritory. When you know that a cat is able to eat 300 birds per year by pure instinct to hunt, even if fed with dry food, we measure the magnitude of the danger it poses to the last Monarchs of Tahiti with these dropouts .

Another,but feathered, threat, two new lovers Bulbuls settled in the vicinity and they fight with Tifo and his lady and with other Bulbuls of the area. Our team, decimated by Chikungunya and overwhelmed by a new threat, no longer scared Bulbuls in Papehue where nests produced young.

We observed a lot of fights, but difficult to follow what happens exactly because of the rainy season that rinses copiously the observer. Still, a curious discovery was made: the orange girl who mocks the couple seems to actually be already in good company! Four monarchs flutter in the same territory. One thing is certain, the nest of Tifo looks abandoned again and always leaning at the top of his tree. Like eight other nests during this season, it was abandoned by its builders without any reproductive effort.