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Ua Huka in the Marquesas archipelago

Photo Jean-Paul Mutz

Ua Huka island is the last inhabited island of the Marquesas still free of black rat.
It is home to two endemic species, that can only be found on this very island: the pihiti a.k.a. Ultramarine Lorikeet (Vini ultramarina), and the pati’oti’o a.k.a. Iphis Monarch (Pomarea iphis).
The pihiti has been extirpated from Nuku Hiva, Ua Pou, Hiva Oa and Fatu Hiva (where it had been introduced in the 90s) due to the harmfull arrival of black rats. The endemic giant pigeon (Ducula galeata) has been reintroduced in Ua Huka in 2000 and 2003 from Nuku Hiva population by the SOP Manu.

Bird lovers can reach Ua Huka:


Geoffray Sulpice and his father Robert are responsible for monitoring the docks and preventing the invasion of Ua Huka by the Black Rat.
They also represent the association as our eco-guides and show visitors around their island of ornithological beauties.


Discovering the island with them, you will benefit from their ornithological and cultural knowledge as well as powerfull binoculars to observe these rare birds while contributing to their preservation.
Being able to make a living from this eco-tourism activity allows Geoffrey and his father to keep on preventing any pest infestation of Ua Huka.

Contact number: Geoffrey (+689) 40 92 61 81 and his father Robert (+689) 40 92 60 53

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  • the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Woodwork in Vaipaee
  • the Papuakeikaha arboretum ( more than 300 tree species, including one of the most significant collections of citrus)
  • the Sea Museum of Hane
  • the Geology Museum and the Petroglyph Museum of Hokatu
  • the Footprints Cavern ( where footprints appear on sand at every low tide ) situated in Tekehu, at the SW tip of the island
  • the Bird Island, which is actually the Motu Teua ua (reachable by boat)
  • the archaeological sites in Meiaute
  • beautiful beaches : Manihina, Hane, Haavei and Hatuana
  • meetings with sculptors, engravers, tattoo artists…
  • the various bays (Hane, Hatuana and Vaipaee)


Photos Caroline Blanvillain


Photo Thomas Ghestemme


Rousserolle des Marquises - Photo Jean-Paul Mutz

Rousserolle des Marquises – Photo Jean-Paul Mutz

Ptilope de Dupetit-Thouars - Droits réservés

Ptilope Dupetit-Thouars – Droits réservés

Salangane des Marquises - Photo Fred Jacq

Salangane des Marquises – Photo Fred Jacq


“Chez Maurice et Delphine”

Located in Hokatu, this guest house is made for enjoying the seaside to the maximum, with a simple and warm welcome from its owners.
They offer detached bungalows accommodated with half-board for a good living experience, as well as excursions on the island or at sea.

Contact number:
Tel/fax : (+689) 40 92 60 55

“Chez Alexis”

Located in Vaipaee, this guest house is renowned for its fine cuisine and hearty welcome.
Rooms with half-board are available, and offer you a very enjoyable living environment.

Tel: (+689) 40 92 60 19 / 87 79 09 48
Email : scallamera.florentine@mail.pf

Chez “Fournier”

Céline Fournier regularly welcomes in her big restaurant tourists arriving by boat (Aranui). Her guest house is situated in the center of the gorgeous Hane Valley, a good starting point for excursions.

Tel: (+689) 40 92 61 74

“Mana Tupuna Village”

Recently opened, this guest house has everything to delight the visitors. It benefits from the dynamism of its owner and its location at the Vaipaee bay entrance.

Tel: (+689) 40 92 60 08
Email: manatupuna@mail.pf

“Le Rêve Marquisien”

Located in the heart of the island, in the Vaipaee Valley, this high-range guest house is a little more isolated, making it ideal for a peacefull environment.

Tel: (+689) 40 92 61 84 / 87 71 52 92
Fax: (+689) 40 92 61 84
Email:  revemarquisien@mail.pf


Roulotte “La Cafran” :
(+689) 87 25 48 04 / (+689) 40 92 61 60

Snack “Hatunakohe” :
(+689) 87 79 51 05

Contact: Alexis FOURNIER
Tel: (+689) 40 92 60 05 / 87 38 00 66
Email: teikihee@gmail.com